Of the things that I treasure most are our private property rights. This disturbing video brings to light something that is happening in California that everyone should be concerned about. We should all guard the rights of property owners, whether they own a trailer in the desert or a mansion in Beverly Hills.  There have been instances all over the country of government entities trampling people's property rights for profit.

The foundation for such action is the infamous Kelo decision where US Supreme Court Justices Souter, Stephens, Ginsberg, Kennedy and Breyer ruled that governments have the right to "take" private property from individuals and give it to others, including corporations if it serves "a public purpose". The Arizona Constitution prevents this, but that is not the case elsewhere. The primary goal of such a move is to generate more tax revenue for the municipality. A big box store generates more tax revenue than a neighborhood of old single family residences. This is a step beyond eminent domain actions, where a government condems private property for the purpose of putting in a highway or an airport. The action taking place in Antelope Valley is even beyond that, using government intimidation and police power to get people to abandon their property, for what is so far, an undisclosed purpose.

All of should be aware of this unfortunate trend and let those who run our cities, counties and state and federal government know that it is unacceptable. A legislative remedy must be created to end this abuse of the people.